‘Green Lust!’ (and it’s pseudo-prequel, ‘Becoming A Man’) are now available together on DVD for the first time. After ‘Dead American Woman’, I was eager to shoot something again. Originally intended to be a direct sequel to ‘Becoming A Man’, I wrote a script and contacted my favorite cast of deviants to star. Mike McPadden (who had a small role in ‘Dead American Woman’) knocked the role of Pookie out of the park with his impromptu dialogue and spontaneous acting. Joe Rubin played the main character who has no sex drive until he sniffs a street drug and becomes a psycho sexual pervert who foams green from the mouth and fucks anything in his path. Meg Mccarville basically played herself, which only adds to her amazingly insane legacy. Julie Fabulous was on overdrive as the drug pushing seductress Lilah Delilah. Happy Dave played against typecast as a man who gets ass raped. Wiley George Finley eats raw meat and deep throats a huge sausage in the park. My favorite naked actor Andrew Mccardle shows off his low hangers as he gets chased by Hero wearing an awkward fitting and stained jockstrap. Simone Rawski and Stacey Hargrave round out the cast and gratuitous nudity.  All of us were pretty wild when this one was being made and looking back on it brings nothing but memories of puking in alleyways between shoots. For more sleazy tales from the set, buy the DVD on Amazon.  I recorded commentary tracks  and included the rarely seen making of ‘Green Lust!’ bonus feature, ‘1000 Orgasms: Making Green Lust!’.

Buy it here and GET INFECTED!


For those who remember filming it, watching the countless trailers, and who have had to deal with me speaking about this film for years on end. Here are the first three minutes of Nurse Jill (well it’s better than nothing right?).
Of course, nothing you will see is exactly set in stone just yet; there are formatting issues on the sides of the screen, and the credits, although accurate with whom worked on the film, are not complete and may change. And the library music (anyone recognize it?) I used will most likely not make the final cut. But alas… here’s what I’m working on and will most likely fill my time for the rest of the year.

Watch it at 1080p please, if you’re able to.  And let me know what you think!

Backwoods Freaks! A Diamondcamp Original from 1995…Finally Available!

I wrote, produced, directed, shot, and edited a feature back when I was a sophomore in college called Backwoods Freaks. It’s a story about two families; a whacked out group of lesbian satanists and an insane principal, his nutty wife, and their daughter (played by a drag queen).  It’s technically horrible, which gives it it’s own charm in this digital age. Shot on consumer grade home video with a budget of a poor college student’s pocket money, Backwoods Freaks has the distinction of most likely being the only horror movie (hell, the ONLY movie period) to be shot in rural Minnesota at a community recreational lodge.

Get yours today…the DVD is filled with a never-before-seen making of documentary, trailers, deleted scenes and an alternate ending, and commentary by your’s truly.

DEAD AMERICAN WOMAN : Special Edition DVD now available!

It’s been on amazon for a little while now, but I thought I’d plug the dvd of Dead American Woman once again. After all, in most parts of the country it’s snowy, cold, and miserable. What better way to spend an evening than with a case of beer and a horror/gore/comedy/cult film with loads of indecency attached? If you do happen to buy one, please take a moment to write an entertaining review on amazon. I just love reading them.


My Rags For All The World To See

When you make a no budget film, you need to sometimes think on the fly when it comes to dressing your cast.  Thankfully I spent a lot of time at Goodwill Stores and Salvation Army’s growing up.  My closet doubles as the wardrobe department for most of my films. I usually credit costumes in my credits under the name “Cassie Dewitt” which means “Cast Did It”. Although many cast members would dig from their own amazing collections to dress themselves, a lot of time I had to bring my ensembles too. The following screen captures show my wardrobe at work…everyone is either wearing a shirt, suit jacket, tie, hat, or in one case, my own sneakers!


In one case, my clothes were simply used as props for the washing machine:


And Joe Rubin has the unique distinction of being the ONLY person in my films to wear one of Wiley George Finley’s suit jackets (it was the first day Joe met Wiley so he was unaware of the rancidness that is Wiley’s wardrobe…and he was only 16 so we will chalk his experience up to “life lessons”):


Green Lust! (2008)


Coming off the wheels of ‘Dead American Woman’, I was looking to do a follow up to ‘Becoming A Man’ (2006). Originally I contacted Joseph Suglia, author of the novel that the short story ‘Becoming A Man’ was in, and asked if he’d like to return and co-produce and narrate this new tale of Johnny Barrows. I sent Joseph the script, and he said he wouldn’t be a part of it, hating the script I wrote (he later confessed he didn’t even read the script, or watch the movie once it was completed). I wanted to make a movie that was as extreme as my thoughts were at the time. My mind was racing at 78RPM that year and I wanted to show it. I changed the lead character’s name to Hero, and cut out a few characters from ‘Becoming A Man’, and focused the story on Hero and his ‘other’ family; his sister and brother-in-law. The movie was a lot of fun to make. It was shot real quick…and I believe the total cost of dv tapes and some alka seltza and green food dye came out to $32. Anyway, this one has been real popular on Vimeo. I owe most of my viewers online to this one video! There is a dvd available with a ton of bonus shorts, and a making of…but you’ll have to contact me directly to get a copy.

UPDATE: Green Lust! is coming to DVD officially very soon! Check back for details!